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Re: If NetScape 2.01 can disable JavaScript...

aancheta@mnl.mnl.sequel.net wrote:
> If there's an option to disable JavaScript in NetScape 2.01
> then what else is JavaScript for?

I'm sorry, I'm confused by your question; what exactly are you asking?

The option to disable JavaScript was put in specifically for people 
concerned about possible security vulnerabilities exposed by the use of 
JavaScript (like the ones fixed in 2.01).  The idea is that these people 
could disable both Java and JavaScript and then surf the net in full 
confidence that they wouldn't need to worry about Java or 
JavaScript-related security risks.  Of course, they wouldn't be able to 
get the full benefit (or possibly any benefit) out of sites that are 
enhanced using Java and/or JavaScript, but presumably that's a tradeoff 
they're willing to make in the interests of higher security.


Frank Hecker          Pre-sales tech support, Netscape Federal sales
hecker@netscape.com   http://home.netscape.com/people/hecker/

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