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Re: frames and links

I guess you're asking how to get the content of forms from one frame to
another frame.  For that, you provide the "full path" of the frame and its
contents.  For example, if you have two frames -- named frame1 and frame2,
and your code is in frame1, you fetch stuff from the form in frame2 with:


The "textboxname" is the name of one of the fields you want.  If your form
is named, you can use the name instead of the forms array.  For instance, if
the form is named "myform," and the textbox is named "textbox1," it would be:

Ret = parent.frame2.document.myform.textbox1.value

The variable Ret now contains the value of that text box.

-- Gordon

At 01:06 AM 3/21/96 +0100, you wrote:
>I've a problem with a page with two frames
>  The first one contains a lot of links to scripts with parameters as
>    <A HREF=......?field1=....&field2=....
>  The second frame contains a FORM that must contain TEXT fields to input 
>the values of fields field1 and field2
>How can I do to obtain the value of the fields of the second frame,
>incorporate it into the HREF of the frame1 to submit?
>If you are a genial idea....
-- Gordon

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