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How can I get rid of the history?

I would like to disable "Back" and "Back in Frame" and all sorts of other
navigation tools since I am developing an intranet application.
I tried (naively) to:
        history.length = 0
but that did nothing (I assume that it was read-only).

Is it possible to modify the toolbar?
Is it possible to change the menu shown when right-clicking the mouse?
Can you even do this in Java?
Do you have to become a Netscape development partner to get access to these
kind of internal features?

Many thanks.
Michael James Arena                               arena@lightbridge.com
Lightbridge, Inc.                                 (617) 672-4000
281 Winter Street                                 (617) 890-2000 x4000
Waltham, MA  02154                                FAX: (617) 890-2681

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