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Protecting from entring at a "side-door"

I would like to check whether a visitor enters my site "from the side-entry" (i.e. not 
at the main page where I build up all the frames etc.) and if NO then auto-refer him 
to the "main-entry".

I thought that this routine should work, but I get an error-message:
"is not a number at line 6" (line-numbers are only added for easy referencing). 
Honestly the error-message is like the one above - no hint WHAT is "no number"!
1: function gotoEntry() {
2: 	if (document.referrer.hostname == www.myorganisation.com") {
3: 		alert( "Wellcome again !")
4: 	}
5: 	else {
6:		window.location.href = 	"http://www.myorganisation.com/";;
7:	}
8: }

Has anyone an idea whats is going wrong? Has anyone a better (AND working) solution?




Gerald Maier - G.H.E.M.
Database-Marketing & Marketing-Analysis

e-mail:     gmaier@ghem.co.at


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