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Is two-dimensional array working OK?

what's wrong with the following code. I only set tttboard[1,1] to player but
the program set 3 places: [1,1], [2,1], [3,1].

<script language="JavaScript">
var blank="blank.gif";
var player="x.gif";
var computer="o.gif";
function makeArray(locx,locy)
        this.length = locx*locy;
        for (var pnx=1; pnx <= locx; pnx++)
            for (var pny=1; pny <= locy; pny++)
                this[pnx,pny] = blank;
        return this;
var tttboard=new makeArray(3,3);
for (var pnx=1; pnx <= 3; pnx++)
    for (var pny=1; pny <= 3; pny++)
        document.write("tttboard[" +pnx+","+pny+"]="+tttboard[pnx,pny] +"/");

I'm using Win 3.1, Netscape 2.0.
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