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JavaScript 411 and FAQ

FYI: I've set up a new JavaScript 411 site and will be moving the FAQ there
permanently.  Speaking of the FAQ, it needs to be updated in a major way.
When you visit the new site PLEASE send feedback and make suggestions on
where I should head with it.  I've noticed that some of the info I put up a
few weeks ago didn't really answer the problems... example:

I've gotten quite a bit of queries on how to force new windows with 2.0 on X
to accept the boolean options.  I can't test this (because I have a PC) and
need some input from others.

I also need some pointers to a good <free> CGI SEARCH engine, the one I use
is trivial.

At 01:13 PM 3/13/96 -0800, Gordon McComb wrote:
>Speaking of "patroling" the lists, have you noticed that generally input
>from Netscapians is low this week and last.  Methinks they have a new
>mandate: "get 3.0 out the door before Microsoft has us for lunch."

Ahhh me thinks you're right.

Anybody with info on the status of 2.01 that's rumored to be coming out in a
week or two?

>I miss seeing more of  Brendan in comp.lang.javascript and the Netscape
>javascript newsgroup.  I saved every one of his messages, as inspiration and
>-- Gordon

I second that.  There's nothing like hearing it from the MAN.

Looking forward to some suggestions

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