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Re: onMouseOver problems.

Sean Mullally wrote:
> I have a page with thumbnail images that link to larger images. I am
> tring to use JavaScript to put a caption for each image in
> Netscape's location bar that usually would show the URL of each link.
> I am trying to use the onMouseOver event handler, but only the first
> image in the document will do this properly, the rest continue to show
> the URL. UNLESS I exit the page and go back, making Netscape reload the
> page from cache. Then it works properly on all images.
>         Has anyone had a similar problem, or know a solution? 

YES!!! The basic fact of life is that, in my final conclusion, JavaScript SUCKS!!! I 
have problems very similar to your so frequently that I am seriously reconsidering my 
choice of whether or not to use JS in a commercial environment. This is not a decision 
I will make lightly given that a complete redesign of the site, art work, interface... 
will cost me a LOT of money.

A few weeks ago I asked the same question you just did and numerous people have 
responded that they have had the same problem. Thats the good news - the bad news is 
that there are worse problems waiting for you. My personal favorite of the day, and 
the reason I am in such a #%#% foul mood right now, is that sometimes JS simply does 
not execute functions the first time they are called from a location. Maybe a function 
will execute, maybe it won't.

I have to conclude that JS is not ready for prime time. But that doesn't surprise me 
given that Netscape made it. I have never seen a completely stable, well designed and 
fully function product from netscape (I have never used the UNIX versioons though).

Sorry for ranting. I'm just having a bad day, due to JS bugs.

Anyway, when I had a similar problem people recommended a number of things - none of 
which worked. But here they are:
1. manually kill all your cache files
2. hit the reload button
3. reduce you cache sizes to 0 and zero - don't even try it
4. sacrifice a virgin under a blue moon

For full details, and information that may help you decide if JS is really stable 
enought for your application, check out the mailing list archives.
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