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Re: What's New

apathy wrote:
> Gordon McComb wrote:
> > You cannot yet read the history list, but that should change in 3.0.  But
> > you can use history.go(-1) to move people back whatever page they were on,
> > without knowing whence they came, as it were.
> hrm. currently i'm working on a hack to this, but i'm not sure how soon i can present you guys
> with a finished product. i sent mail to the list quite recently (called Re: not sure about how to
> go about this) about helping with a 'return' button, so check it out and help me solve this
> problem. some of us can't wait until Netscape 3.0 comes out :)

was walking back from applying for a job at one of the famous bagel 
factories here in montreal, when it occurred to me ... duh. as soon as i 
send off the surfer to an external site (to be displayed within one of my 
page's frames) store the sending page's URL in a variable, and use it in 
my "return" button. it's amazing that simple solutions don't occur to 
oneself when one's thinking in terms of complicated things. or something 
like that. similarly, an array can be initialized to an open-ended size 
and values of the subsequent URLs visited can be stored in it. it's the 
perfect work-around to not being able to read the history values, at 
least when the external pages are displayed within a local set of frames.

hitting his head against the wall

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