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Re: whooh Nellie! was(Re- P

But this way you not only use his address, but also his computer, his
email-server and the path in the header is also correct. IT IS MAIL FROM
HIM not just with his name as sender address.

Olaf Walkowiak wrote:

didn't you know that you can write e mail messages with ANY "sender" 
address you want simply by entering the "faked" address in the User info?

This works with every Mail Client, so what is the Problem?
You have always been able to do that, it is not a JavaScript Problem!

So long

Lance D. Braud wrote:
> Holy shit!  Excuse my language.  It did grab my email address.  Not only
> that, but it sent an email message "AS ME"!!  I didn't know about that, and
> that isn't too cool.  I don't mind being able to sniff out the email
> but being able to impersonate me is different.  My respect to the guy/gal
> that figured out how to do that.
> I definatly stealing this script, but I'm not going to be sending email as
> someone else - that SHOULD be removed. 
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