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Re: JS and DataBase

Brian wrote :

>> The Q. is - Why do you want to write 'secret' code in JavaScript ? go to
>> Java, or the 'traditional' cgi scripts.
>Well, it's not really all that important, most of my functionality is back in
>CGIs and the JS is there to do simple UI tasks.  Still, at the moment, I prefer
>JS to Java because: a) I can program JS, but I haven't learned Java yet; b) I
>don't have a Java compiler; c) JS can interact with HTML objects on the page
>around it, but Java applets (as far as I've been told) can't . . .

I might be wrong, but I think java can interact with other info on a page,
if not directly - through a simple javascript gobetween script. 

Somebody posted a note a few days ago, saying he has a direct javascript to
db access, I haven't seen or heard anything remotely close to it yet. The
only way I know about (and the safest yet) is through the comon gate
interface (CGI).

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