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Re: not sure of how to go about this

At 10:29 AM 3/5/96 -0800, apathy wrote:
>function check(loc)
>(loc!="odyssee.net") ? findHome() : parent.right.history.back();

At a quick glance, this is not the proper use of setTimeout. . .
I think you meant:


setTimout() should not be used to pause a script, but instead to delay
execution of a method/function.  Are you sure that the 'loc' var is a string
your passing in?

Also, this isn't right:

>while (parent.right.history.hostname != "odyssee.net")  // problem line
>  {
>    delta -= 1;
>  };

This will call an indefinate loop if it is true the first time because
.hostname  never changes.

I think you'd want something like this:

if (parent.right.history.hostname == "odyssee.net") {

This would be *syntactilcally* correct, but you're functions still have to
modified to get what you're looking for.  If you want more help, give a holler.

Andy Augustine

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