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not sure of how to go about this

	seems to me that your delta is integer and you are passing  
it to history.go as a string.

>i have a set of pages with three frames set up this way:
>|  header      |
>|left |  right |
>|     |        |
>while the right frame usually contains pages local to my host,
>odyssee.net, external hostnames sometimes will be put in that  
frame >for
>my site visitors to explore.

>in the header, i would like to have a back button which brings the  
>visitor back to the last page they visited on my host. ie: the >visitor
>loads the file http://www.odyssee.net/~myLogin/right.html and  
>follows a
>link to an external site from right.html . he then pokes around the 
>external site and eventually bores of it. he hits the return  
button >in my
>header frame. this calls a function that looks through at the >hostname 
>property of all the previous pages loaded into the right frame  
until >it
>finds an URL with the hostname odyssee.net .
>problem is, i'm not sure hwo to implement it; netscape keeps  
telling >me
>that line 28 is not a number. i assume this means that there's  
>wrong with the line commented as a problem line. here's the script >-- 
>check(loc) is called first
><!-- hide it
>var delta=-1
>function check(loc)
>(loc!="odyssee.net") ? findHome() : parent.right.history.back();
>function findHome()
>while (parent.right.history.hostname != "odyssee.net")  // problem >line
>  {
>    delta -= 1;
>  };
><!-- end hide-->
>thnx in advance
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