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Re: Automatic delete...

Correcting myself,

I just checked the script I posted (a bit busy these days...) and here is
the working version:
(I appologize for not checking the first one, but consider it as a schematic

<script language=javascript>
<!-- Hide : By Ellie wysiwyg

function blankstatus(){
function erase() {
function onemonth(){
	var today = new Date();
	var Ddayexp = null;
	todayexp = today.getYear()*100 + (today.getMonth()+1)*10 + today.getDate()
	Ddayexp = 96*100+04*10+04
	if (todayexp <= Ddayexp){
function gothere(){
	location = 'calculate.htm'

// -->
This <a href="javascript:onemonth()"
;return true">picture</a> will be gone by 04-04-1996.

That's it.


PS - This script is free for everybody to use, no need for credits (although
it would be awefully nice of you...)

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