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Come check out Tertius the Scribe

Hello all --

(Sorry if you've already received this ... I'm having problems with my mail server.)

I just completed my first JavaScript driven application (a first version, which I'm still not completely happy with ... a little too buggy).  Come check it out and give me some feedback.

Tertius is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' type browser.  You are allowed to add choices at any point, and then some corresponding text that will take people further into the adventure if they choose your choice.  There's not much of a story there right now, so please come add some stuff.

I've added functionality on the server side that keeps track of the choices people make.  This allows the reader to read the most chosen path through the text, the least chosen path, or a random path (instead of going through step by step, it all comes up ... bang bang bang).  It seems to work, though I'll have better indications after people use it for a while.  With a lot more reading and a lot more writing.

Some of the problems I've been having.  Refreshing is a huge pain.  If you go to another site and then backtrack, it  doesn't reload cleanly.  You have to tell it to restart at the beginning.  I'm going to have to look into that.

The major thing that's annoying me is not being able to change location.hash on the fly in the story frame where stories are built dynamically.  It just won't work.  As a temporary fix I've added a go to bottom link in the top right hand corner.  (Every time you make a choice, the entire story is rewritten, and you see the top in the frame, not the bottom.  I want to do it this way, because eventually I'll want to have it so people can step backwards and forewards, etc.)

OK, where's the site?  http://vanbc.wimsey.com/~grantm/tertius

Look forward to your feedback,

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