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Re: in JS, is there support for: sockets, shell?

Hi Eric,

maybe you can send the command to a cgi-script (with a form) which 
executes it. Know what a mean?

So long

Eric H. Choi wrote:
> Hi all..
> I'm working on an application where I simple need a certain command to be run
> on the local shell when the user clikcs on the certain item on the page.  I was
> hoping I could do this with JavaScript, but there might be security concerns that
> won't allow a "shell" or "system" command or anything similar.
> So, I was thinking about creating a daemon that would listen for requests (with
> proper security of course..) but I can't seem to locate any support for sending
> stuff to a port from a JavaScript..
> Any ideas or poitners would be appreciated._____________________________________________________________________
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