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Re: A Contest

To All.
[thank you for replying, and thanx andy for the time, writing that script. BUT]

Let's take it one step further, or should I say, the way it should have been
in the first place;
here are some axioms:
x=0.85 (or any other number)
y=0.05 (or any other number)
NetScape=V 2.0

Everything that should work - does work on my platform(Win95), 
'and I hope that it does for anybody else too'

Now, this started as a hypothetycal Q. - but if I will use it, it would
probably NOT be for getting a dollar amount. so rounding the 2 decimals
won't do.
(and it is a work around, not a fix - since you are not going to use this
function EVERY time you perform a simple minus/plus operation, or are you andy?)

And lastly, why does it do it? and what is the extent (or 'symptoms') of
this phenomena ?


PS - PLEASE learn how to quote smart. it is a pain to see the *whole*
original letter, even the signature files and the mailing list extention -
give me a break !
{not mentioning the waste of
(time, space, bandwidth etc.)times(the number of the members on this list)}


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