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Re: A Contest

Ellie wysiwyg wrote:
> To All:
> I hereby declare a contest, the winner wins the resault amount in dollars !!!
> Terms:He who first finds a 'fix' to the following script, so it gives the
> correct answer(by the widespread euclidean system). AND explains the
> existing resualt.
> Here it is:
> document.write(eval(0.85-0.05))
> The check is waiting for YOU !
> Ellie.

$0.79999999999999993 -- but, you can keep the change.
Actually, a question along these lines.  Does anyone know what the 
largest integer is within JS? The largest float (yes, I realize there is 
no "float" or "integer" per se, but the variant type used in JS must 
make a conversion at some point.)

-- Kurt Cagle
Cagle Communications
(206) 557-8532
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