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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

Andy Augustine wrote:
> What??  I just don't quite get what you're implying...  If you've got an
> example of a page that loads JS code and won't free itself from the
> Navigator when the user moves on to another page, we'd really like to see
> it.  When you say that the code kept 'popping up', what does this mean?
> The last thing we need is to spread a bad word about JS, but if REAL
> problems are there, post 'em and we'll work them out together.
> Andy

>From Chris Moses
Its real. At first I thought there must be some problem with my 
installation so I killed everything and started over. No luck. I 
switched to another machine. Same thing, although less frequently. ( 
I didn't really test enough to get any percentages or such)

What is comes down to is:
The code that Navigator is going to execute is not necessarily the 
code that is displayed when you 'view source'

I don't have any information about how Nav. actually handles the 
JavaScript code but my guess would be that when a page is reloaded, 
the internal navigator representation of a function is not being 
updated to reflect the new code.

As far as I can tell, and unfortunatly I'm going to have to test it:

1. Developing JS is going to be a major headache. Every time a 
potentail bug appears I have to close down NS and restart it to see 
if the bug is in my code or if JS just isn't executing the correct 

2. NEVER use the same function name on different pages. You can't 
control which version will be executed.

3. If you update a function and a user with an old version still 
cached (by whatever internal cache is used for JS. It is not the 
disk or memory cache) you could have problems.

By the way: I'm running version 2.0 on NT.

I'm still trying to think of something with my general setup that 
could cause this, but I've tried everything I can think of and have 
now observed it on two machines. I'm running out of ideas am about 
ready to say I'm 100% convinced this is a real bug.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or potential causes, 
solutions, work-arounds, etc....
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