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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

Ed Kloskowski wrote:
> I also do an INTRAnet site, with the same worrting about what software
> everyone is using.  However, the caching problem is real.  So real in
> fact i was forced to remove one of my JAVAscripts from production
> because the old code kept "popping" up (its a huge site with many test
> machines). Old javascript code NEEDS to be flushed from the browser by
> deleting the netscape cache.

Unfortunatly deleting the caches doesn't even do the job 100% of 
the time. I have modified code and deleted both caches four 
times and sometimes I still get the first or second version of 
the code being executed even though view source shows the 
current code. 

I personally consider this a giant bug in JS since it serious 
impedes the development effort and greatly reduces my over 
confidence in Netscape, Navigator, and JS.
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