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Re: Few Random thoughts

Hey --

On Feb 29, 22:38, SilverThorn wrote:
> Subject: Few Random thoughts
> Here are some random thoughts about JS I want to mention...
> I wonder if a JS could read a page already loaded in a window?
> This could be useful because you could use a dummy page that contained
> a stable database of information available to other pages while avoiding the
> volatile cookie specs.

I've done this in documents that use frames by storing the database in the
parent document.  I then access this info when loading the child frames to
determine their contents.  An example can be found at


under the link

        "ATG's Gallery of (Semi) Recent Works"

The Gallery consists of seven html documents (One for  the parent document and
each of its frames, the help window, and its frames) Each time the user pages
through the gallery, the frame documents are re-loaded, displaying different
text and images based on a counter maintained in the parent document.


Athomas Goldberg			
Associate Research Scientist

New York Univerity
Media Research Lab			ph: (212) 998-3469
715-719 Broadway rm 1227		fx: (212) 995-4122
New York NY 10003			

Email: athomas@mrl.nyu.edu	
WWW: http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/athomas

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