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Re: Tooltips with JS?

At 09:48 AM 2/22/96 PST, you wrote:
>In many windows applications, holding your mouse pointer over toolbar 
>buttons brings up a little box that tells you what the button does.  I 
>believe this is called 'tooltips'.  My questions is, how would one implement 
>this on a web page with java or javascript?  The "onmouseover" action seems 
>to be close, but the functionality just isn't there.

OnMouseover which opens a new window with no elements but the help
text will do the trick.  To make the "tooltip" go away set the
timeout value of the new window onLoad so that it only lasts for
a few seconds.

There are two problems with this (so far):

1.  There is a sort of blur as the window is created and resized.

2.  If the user holds the cursor over the anchor with the onMouseover,
    he/she will see a constantly blinking tooltip.

Sean Chou / schou@uiuc.edu
Illinois MBA Web Page <URL:http://mba.cba.uiuc.edu>

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