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Few Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts about JS I want to mention...

I wonder if a JS could read a page already loaded in a window?
This could be useful because you could use a dummy page that contained 
a stable database of information available to other pages while avoiding the
volatile cookie specs.

I wish JS could do these things:
Access the "already visited" database that must exist - that same one
that makes your links "unvisited" or "visited".

Send messages to other clients - like Eudora?

Access the news: and mail: windows in javascript

Display the internal dingbats built in the browser


Well good evening...
Andrew Wooldridge (andreww@c2.org)        |
http://www.best.com/~wooldri/             |
http://www.c2.org/~andreww/javascript/    |

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