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Re: Mailing form

dont take out the ability to email forms back to users!  this will 
cripple small businesses on the web.  my whole business relys on this 
to send info back to a variety of email boxes on credit cards, 
addresses, order forms!

> He could set up a page which automatically "Mailbombs" someone. But there 
> must be another way to fix the Problem. Maybe the Browser should send a 
> copy of the mailed form to himself, with the URL of the related page in 
> it, or something like that. The URL of the "form-page" could also be 
> added to every form-post, so a Mailbombed User would see where it cames 
> from.
no matter who did something like the above, it would be the fault of 
all who assumed the risk of dealing with a form... either way.  
Finding an email address isnt that hard... most web pages have them 
on there somewhere as "click here to mail to..."

secondly, it will soon be possible probably to get the email address 
of anyone who views your page.  or it should

so anyone can email-bomb anyone else regardless.

security obviously deals with credit cards, i am assuming?  and, my 
previous comments apply.  Ok, i see that netscape is trying to boost 
their image (now that they've gone public) with all this talk of security, etc.... 
going along with 
all the irrational- but fair in thought-  paranoias that the media 
has about the net.  Fine, but dont act on irrational paranoia.  

Theres risk in everything.  I will assume much less on the net than 
in real life.  Bugging phones takes  about $3 of radioshack equipt.  
Stealing credit card numbers at the place you work takes no money and 
little time.  The security thing is getting old.  Theres as much 
security on the web as in real life.  guess what... with every 
possible security measure on the web.... THERES ONE TO BREAK IT!  
period.  its all zeros-and-ones!

(copy sent to netscape for their garbage bin)
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