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Re: Mailing form

I guess the "smapping/e-mail stealing" aspect of this has some people
worried, and there have been a number of messaged condemning JavaScript for
it.  I don't think in hacker's terms so not only do I never think this stuff
up, I usually am clueless about the potential damage (until it happens to me!).

I agree that it's a nice way to do forms without need a form CGI script.
Fortunately I have a generic one at my site, and access to CGI, but not
everyone is so lucky...

-- Gordon

At 03:26 AM 3/1/96 +0000, you wrote:
>huh? what security risks? so, what other ways are there to do this 
>then?  i dont have unix, cgi stuff, nor do i care to. 
>it makes no sense to me... what can a hacker do to a form thats 
>emailed to me that he cant do to me through regular email?
>oh well, paranoia fills time, i guess
>you know theres quite a security risk in giving your credit card 
>number to someone over the phone, through the mail.... hell, even 
>having a credit card on you.  so is life.

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