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Re: Mailing form


anx.scan wrote:
> huh? what security risks? so, what other ways are there to do this
> then?  i dont have unix, cgi stuff, nor do i care to.

The same with me!
> it makes no sense to me... what can a hacker do to a form thats
> emailed to me that he cant do to me through regular email?

He could set up a page which automatically "Mailbombs" someone. But there 
must be another way to fix the Problem. Maybe the Browser should send a 
copy of the mailed form to himself, with the URL of the related page in 
it, or something like that. The URL of the "form-page" could also be 
added to every form-post, so a Mailbombed User would see where it cames 

I think, there are lots of other ways to handle it, each of it better 
than disabling e-mailing a form.

Once again: I would REALLY miss it.

And I wonder what the authors of a Program like Webforms would say to 
> oh well, paranoia fills time, i guess
> you know theres quite a security risk in giving your credit card
> number to someone over the phone, through the mail.... hell, even
> having a credit card on you.  so is life.

You are totally right!

So long

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