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frame refreshing in javascript

   I have two questions, one about javascript objects, one about frames.

1) forms can be named, but the Netscape JavaScript authoring guide doesn't
   list name as one of the possible attributes of forms.  Thus, I was wondering
   if the following is a valid construct

         if (frame.form[i].name == foo)
            frame.form[i].name = 'bar';

2) Using onLoad, I know how to get a frame to load multiple other frames when
   the frame itself is loaded.  However, is it possible (or does anyone know
   how) to get a frame to refresh itself when the value of some internal
   variable is altered?  For example, here is some JavaScript-esque pseudo-code

         var frameIO = find_frame(top, 'User');
         var formStatus = find_form(frameIO, 'Status');
         if (formStatus != null)
            formStatus.element[i].value = foo;    // element[i] is a hidden input field 
            refresh_frame(frameIO);               // the funciton I'm trying to figure out

Thanks in advance for any help with these.


P.S.  My name is Mark Kust, and I'm brand new to the list.  I'm looking forward
      to learning from, and contributing to this list.
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