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Re: frame refreshing in javascript

Mark P. Kust wrote:
> Hello,
>    I have two questions, one about javascript objects, one about frames.
> 1) forms can be named, but the Netscape JavaScript authoring guide doesn't
>    list name as one of the possible attributes of forms.  Thus, I was wondering
>    if the following is a valid construct
>          if (frame.form[i].name == foo)
>             {
>             frame.form[i].name = 'bar';
>             }
> 2) Using onLoad, I know how to get a frame to load multiple other frames when
>    the frame itself is loaded.  However, is it possible (or does anyone know
>    how) to get a frame to refresh itself when the value of some internal
>    variable is altered?  For example, here is some JavaScript-esque pseudo-code
>          ...
>          var frameIO = find_frame(top, 'User');
>          var formStatus = find_form(frameIO, 'Status');
>          if (formStatus != null)
>             {
>             formStatus.element[i].value = foo;    // element[i] is a hidden input field
>             refresh_frame(frameIO);               // the funciton I'm trying to figure out
>             }
>          ...
> Thanks in advance for any help with these.
> Mark

I load info into frames using a function similar to this:
function loadSite(section) {
		 alert('You are about to load new info')

where FRAME is the name of the frame. 
I am pretty sure there are other ways but I don't know what the 
differences are.
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