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Re: changing bgcolor (was Re: change Text Color)

The docs don't say anything about not being able to update bgColor, though.
In fact, at least up to the next to the last revision of the docs, it
specifically says this for bgColor: "You can set the bgColor property at any
time."  The docs *do* mention a restriction for fgColor and the link colors,
though I understand this limitation is being addressed in 2.1.  As the
original poster mentions, there is a bug in the Mac (and Unix) where
changing the background color after a load overwrites foreground objects.

-- Gordon

At 04:38 AM 2/28/96 -0400, you wrote:
>on that note I got another question. Bgcolor can be changed once the page
>is loaded but I believe there is a bug in the mac. If the bgcolor is
>changed after loading the page, all the text, pictures, etc. are gone
>execpt the new bgcolor. But when you refresh the window by either placing
>another window over it or scrolling up and down the text and pictures
>appear. This is very annoying and wondering if there is a way to get around
>this bug. And also is this only on the mac or is it on win plaforms too?
>>If you read the docs, it states that text and links cannot be changed once
>>that page is drawn.

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