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Linking between frames

  I am currently working on a CGI database application. I would like the
result of the
query to be returned in two frames, with the index in the left frame and the
in the right frame. Ideally, when the user clicked on an index link in the
left frame,
the link would go to the appropriate anchor in the right frame.

  The only problem is I haven't figured out how to do this with dynamic
documents, since
I don't know what to point the index link to. 

  Currently the CGI application generates the index document, which includes
Javascript code.
After loading, the Javascript code writes the details frame contents. 

   Is it possible for a document generated with Javascript (document.open,
document.writeln, document.close) to be linked to?

  If this is not possible, any alternative suggestions would also be

Thanks in advance,
Don McClean (Texas Instruments)

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