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Re: What\'s the status?

Clayton Drury wrote:
> What is the official status of JavaScript? Is it actually a
> released and supported product? Or is it still in the beta or even
> the alpha stage? Netscape seem to be still writing their manual.

As Gordon McComb noted, (client-side) JavaScript is considered to be 
officially released, by virtue of its being included and documented as 
part of Netscape Navigator 2.0.  ("Client-side" to distinguish this 
case from the "server-side" JavaScript capability included in the 
LiveWire product, which is still in beta.)  Bugs should be reported 
through the standard Netscape support channels, that is, through the bug 
report page at


if you are running the downloaded evaluation version, or through your 
Netscape or Netscape reseller support channel if you purchased Netscape 

> Does anyone know when JavaScript is likely to get a new release?
> Will this only happen when a new version of Navigator appears?

Since (client-side) JavaScript is part of Netscape Navigator itself, by 
definition a new release of JavaScript will require a new release of 
Netscape Navigator.  There is no stand-alone JavaScript run-time system 
(analogous to Sun's Java Development Kit and applet viewer).


Frank Hecker          Pre-sales tech support, Netscape Federal sales
hecker@netscape.com   http://home.netscape.com/people/hecker/

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