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What\'s the status?

Hi all,

I have been using JavaScript now for a few weeks. Despite it being 
far too much like C for my liking, (-;, I don't think it's too 
bad. It does tend to crash Navigator a lot though...

What I am wondering is:

What is the official status of JavaScript? Is it actually a 
released and supported product? Or is it still in the beta or even 
the alpha stage? Netscape seem to be still writing their manual. 
Does anyone know when JavaScript is likely to get a new release? 
Will this only happen when a new version of Navigator appears?

I also read a newspaper report that Microsoft will be supporting 
JavaScript in their browser. Can anyone confirm this for me?

Anyway, thanks to all those who contribute to this mailing list, 
it has made my life easier over the last few weeks!

Thanks in advance,

Clayton Drury
New Logic
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