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frames talking, objects existing, variables staying

Hi everyone-
	I'm a designer in germany working on a side project- a dart scorer using
NS 2.0, frames, and JavaScript to run it all. i have a few problems getting all
the peices talking to each other.
	Four frames are loaded from an initial document. game setup information-
which_game (radio), name (text input), and add_player (button) stuff is in a
frame across the top of the window. the dartboard (a CSIM with 129 lines of map
def) is below with a frame on each side for player score tallying- player1 left,
player2 right.
	JavaScript is the glue between all of these, and i've got some
frustrating (read: throwing the mac scross the lab) problems.
	does anyone have any thoughts on the following?:

	1. document.write- netscape crashes when i try to open a new window and
write into it; also, i can't get one frame to write into another.

	2. i've got the add_player function set to create a new player object
with 2 properties- player number and score; as well as a method for updating the
.score property by a specified amount- with the given name. problem- getting any
of the frames to acknowledge the existence of and/or modify these player

	3. where are variables stored and how do i get each of the frames to
recognize variables created in other frames?
	4. last but not least: i am stubbornly banging my head on a wall to
define a function which will keep track of whose turn it is and switch players
after three throws (clicks)

this is admittedly a bangup project to begin learning javascript with, but then
i dig darts and i never did start small. if anyone has any ideas, please e-mail
me at: 102062.527@compuserve.com or respond here. i get the digest version of
this list, but i may see a response. 


steve ivy, 

ArtLab Europe, Altensteig, Germany.

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