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Re: frames talking, objects existing, variables staying

JavaScript is certainly capable of doing all this, so I imagine there's
something basic witht he syntax you're using.  I don't anyone can give you
decent advise unless you prove a URL to test this thing out, or work up a
"skeleton" example you can post here.

At 10:36 AM 2/23/96 EST, you wrote:
>Hi everyone-
>	I'm a designer in germany working on a side project- a dart scorer using
>NS 2.0, frames, and JavaScript to run it all. i have a few problems getting all
>the peices talking to each other.
>	Four frames are loaded from an initial document. game setup information-
>which_game (radio), name (text input), and add_player (button) stuff is in a
>frame across the top of the window. the dartboard (a CSIM with 129 lines of map
>def) is below with a frame on each side for player score tallying- player1
>player2 right.


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