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Re: Conersion Question....

As a reminder, eval kills Netscape runninder Windows 3.1 dead.  If the
script will be used on a variety of platforms, eval can't be used, or else,
you have to test for Win16 with navigator.userAgent, and steer folks away
from the page.

At 09:43 AM 2/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Masoud --
>On Feb 22, 18:05, Masoud Salehi-Sedeh wrote:
>> Subject: Conersion Question....
>> I wonder How it is possible to convert a string to an object
>> instance.  For example if I type in the following
>> "window.frames[0].document.forms[0].test", how can I parse and
>> convert the string to the actual 'test' object which is located in a
>> form inside document of first frame in my browser.  any ideas????
>> masoud.
>>-- End of excerpt from Masoud Salehi-Sedeh
>	Take a look at the "eval" command.  The syntax would be
>            eval("window.frames[0].document.forms[0].test")

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