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RE: Conersion Question....

If you're framset looks like this:

  <FRAME SRC="test1.html" NAME="body">
  <FRAME SRC="test2.html" NAME="control">

And you had a form in "body" and an object in "control"...

<FORM NAME="testForm">
  <INPUT NAME="test">

var testObj = new Object

Then you could assign the form value to the object like this:

parent.body.testObj = document.testForm.test.value

Is this what you had in mind??
Andy ('mohammed') Augustine

From: 	Masoud Salehi-Sedeh[SMTP:masoud@canonize.media.com]
Sent: 	Thursday, February 22, 1996 7:05 PM
To: 	javascript@obscure.org
Subject: 	Conersion Question....

I wonder How it is possible to convert a string to an object  
instance.  For example if I type in the following  
"window.frames[0].document.forms[0].test", how can I parse and  
convert the string to the actual 'test' object which is located in a  
form inside document of first frame in my browser.  any ideas????

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