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RE: using onLoad in FRAMESET

What 'properties' exactly are you talking about?  Have you given any thought to the parent.frames.length property?  

I can't stress enough that if people want to get real help in this group they should post a scaled down test case on their site and make areference to it or include the code in your messages.

I've been using <FRAMESET> exstensively in my coding and have'nt found any problems.

Andy (mohammed) Augustine

From: 	Robert Thuleen[SMTP:thuleen@mls.saic.com]
Sent: 	Thursday, February 22, 1996 6:48 PM
To: 	javascript@obscure.org
Subject: 	Re: using onLoad in FRAMESET

Daniel Grealy wrote:

> I have a similar situation. I have all my code/date loaded in the frameset
> page. I have found that data gets corrupted when you access same from other
> the the framset page. This is a bug with Netscape 2.0. I think the workaround
> is to use functions in your frameset page to set and get value. Something like.

Well, I found what was causing my problem.  Since in a frameset window, the "frames" array takes up the 
first "n" property slots, the properties which I had stored there from the "main" window were getting 
overwritten when the frameset loaded. It seems like this is a bug, annd that the browser should put the 
frames array AFTER any existing properties. Perhaps I'm using properties in a way which was not expectd. 

Anyway, the really "kludgy" way to get around this was to store three (that's how many frames I have in the 
frameset) dummy properties from the main window, and then the two that I really care about. When the frames 
get loaded, the three dummies get stomped on, but my two properites are still there. It works great, but 
looks awful and will lead to some errors if I increase the number of frames without updating the number of 
dummy properties. I hope this is a bug which will get fixed. I wonder if Netscape is reading this? 

Thanks for your input!

-- Robert 

Robert Thuleen
Sr. Software Engineer
Science Applications International Corp (SAIC)
San Diego, Ca

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