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elements array


my question is:
I have some Data stored in cookies and want to put it in a hidden Form to 
submit it. To make the Code as short as possible, I would like to access 
the hidden fields like that:
document.FormName.elements[index].value = MyCookieData;
So I would be able to do that in a loop!
Something = document.FormName.elements[index].value;
it works fine, but the first thing dont! I think that is because the 
elements array is "read only", but I think there should be a way...

By now, I have to write things like:
document.FormName.HiddenName1.value = MyCookieData;
document.FormName.HiddenName2.value = MyCookieData;
document.FormName.HiddenName3.value = MyCookieData;
a.s.o., and that is not very nice I think!
Someone can help?
Olaf Walkowiak, Suedeseestr.14, D-45145 Essen, Phone:+49-201-604594
si0015@aixrs1.hrz.uni-essen.de			OlafWal@aol.com
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