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Announcing a page

I just wanted to announce a page...I've used this mailing list as a major
resource in completing it and thought some of you would like to see it. I'm
an industrial hygiene student at Western Kentucky University and my field
often requires some calculations. To spread my name over the internet in
this field I've elected to attempt to write some JavaScripts that do these

The page I'm announcing is the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation located at:


The Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation was written by the National Institute
for Occupational Safety and Health to attempt to calculate whether
repetitive lifts in the workforce will have a tendency to cause
backproblems. It is used extensively in Ergonomic programs and now it's
available on the web. It's quite similiar to the NIOSH software that's
available for $160 from the gov't so I'd say it's a pretty good deal being
able to access it on the web! I'd appreciate any comments, bug reports, a
note saying "that's cool" or any overall opinions. Thanks for all the help
from the mailing list again and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Grady Russell

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