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my form/JS don't work

I have a problem. I have a left side frames that is my table of contents.
I have my contents.html file (table of contents frame) designed so that 
it directs the url choosen in a form type input to the main frame. The 
only problem is that the GO button to go to that url doesn't do 
Check it out at http://ww.NETural.com/~ccamel
table of contents frame= contents.html
main frame= iindex.html

Someone Please tell me what's wrong!!!


||                           |                                       ||
||    Aymeric Grassart       |         ccamel@NETural.com            ||     
||   Technical Support       |    http://www.NETural.com/~ccamel     ||
||  NETural Communications   |  http://www.ecn.bgu.edu/users/muaag4  ||

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