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Re: Mess = (Javascript && (AOL || Netcom))

>    Has anyone seen their Javascript pages thru AOL or Netcom's Web browser?
>    The commenting technique between <script> & </script> tags works up
>    until the first ">" in your script.
>    This means no tests using "greater than" or no ">" in any strings used
>    within your script.
>    I suppose one could take the high brow attitude that if they don't use
>    a compatible brower the heck with them.  ...unfortunately I don't have
>    that luxury.

I wouldn't call it "high brow", I'd call it practical.

I feel no obligation to design around the limitations of substandard
browsers.  Just because Bob decides to release Bob's Big Browser and some
subset of people decide to use it in all its incorrect-HTML-parsing glory,
that doesn't mean I have any obligation to support it.

People who use these browsers have made their beds -- let them lie in them.


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