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RE: Mess = (Javascript && (AOL || Netcom))

From: 	Mike![SMTP:miller@mikemiller.com]
Sent: 	Wednesday, February 21, 1996 8:15 AM
To: 	javascript@obscure.org
Subject: 	Re: Mess = (Javascript && (AOL || Netcom))

>>    I suppose one could take the high brow attitude that if they don't use
>>    a compatible brower the heck with them.  ...unfortunately I don't have
>>   that luxury.

I wouldn't call it "high brow", I'd call it practical.

I feel no obligation to design around the limitations of substandard
browsers.  Just because Bob decides to release Bob's Big Browser and some
subset of people decide to use it in all its incorrect-HTML-parsing glory,
that doesn't mean I have any obligation to support it.

People who use these browsers have made their beds -- let them lie in them.


Ohhh Mike!
'incorrect-parsing-glory', huh?  I guess you're not aware that Netscape broke from the 'correct' standards when they changed from '<!-- comment >' to '<!-- comment -->'.  The fact that Lynx, AOL, Mosaic and ALL other browsers read '>' as end of comment is not THEIR problem its YOURS and ours together.

How is any Web Developer supposed to create a Javascript site for a small business whose only access is through AOL?  They might be OK with the fact that they can't use the JS applications, but I gaurentee that you'll lose the account if you're function and variable references shine through between their beautiful logo!

We need to work together and figure out how to code correctly and discretely for alternative browsers.

Andy Augustine