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Re: Height & Width on all images?

At 11:20 AM 2/17/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Why all of the sudden is it so important to put H & W tags on my images when
>using Javascripts?  How is the best way to pick these values without
>creating distortions?  Go into a graphics package and note the size of the
>images unaltered, and then use these?  What is the common procedure?
>Thanks, trying to learn, and have not understood this subtle point.

Pages with JavaScript and image tags without height and width attributes
seem to cause trouble.  Sometimes it's inocuous like a form button not
working, but it also can lead to crashing Netscape.  Netscape can also
display the normal size of the image; open the image, and chose View,
Document Info.

-- Gordon