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Re: Height & Width on all images?

>Why all of the sudden is it so important to put H & W tags on my images when
>using Javascripts?  How is the best way to pick these values without
>creating distortions?  Go into a graphics package and note the size of the
>images unaltered, and then use these?  What is the common procedure?
>Thanks, trying to learn, and have not understood this subtle point.
>Stew --- 
Most graphics packages will give you the width and height. These values
must be in pixels.

It is always good html style to include these tags as Netscape can then
layout the page without having to wait for the images to load. This means
you can read the text - while Netscape uses image placeholders while the
graphics are being loaded. 

If you are using Javascript - you must use width and height otherwise
Netscape gets confused and can cause you script to behave erratically.
[Daniel Grealy daniel@dircon.co.uk]

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