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Re: Svrolling text bar

>>>A lot of people have been showing me examples of scrolling text accross 
>>>the status bar but I'm interested in having scrolling text in the html 
>>>page as a form or something like that.  The java applet you can put 
>>>anywhere in the page as a object, Is the a javascript like this??
>But what's the point.  Java does scrolling marqueues really well, so why not
>use Java to perform them instead of JavaScript.  Any platform that supports
>JavaScript will naturally (eventually) support Java as well - the Mac JDK is
>out for those of you who are interested.
>FWIW = there is a  PD java Ticker tape class at either
>    http://www.webcom.com/taketwo/TickerT.shtml
>    http://www.webcom.com/taketwo/TickerT.html
>    http://www.webcom.com/taketwo/TickerT.htm
>>See the following for a marquee that appears in a frame (that's as close as
>>we can get it in Netscape):
>>   http://gmccomb.com/javascript/banner_start.html
>Cool gordon.
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Well, for now there are a couple of advantages of using JavaScript over
straight Java:
For one, Java requires (for now) the 32bit browser. Those of use still using
Win3.11 (those of us in the stone ages)
can only really play with JavaScript, which works with the 16bit browser as
Second, Java is compiled (sort-of) and that #$@#$%ing Java development kit
which contains the compiler SUCKS.
Third, there are less steps involved in creating pages using JavaScript. You
just put the code right in the page and
reload. You don't have to recompile the Java Applet every time.
I do think that Java is FAR better than JavaScript for "real" applications,
like online demos and such, but JavaScript
does a pretty good job for the little things, like scrolling text and
opening new windows...

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