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Re: onmouseover routine

>Well, here's one of my site URLs as an example....
>A very simple routine. If you let the mouse cursor hover above a link, it
>states the purpose of the link. Like this....
>here to visit the famous Rick Smith Signature Course';return true">Rick
>Smith's "Signature" Course</a>
>Weird thing is, when I load this document, it does not work (nothing shows
>up in the status area).... not until I press the "back" button and then go
>"forward" again. Then it works fine.
>No one else is having this problem?
>At 05:55 PM 2/15/96 +0200, you wrote:
>>Mark Richards writes:
>> > I've noticed that if I write a simple "onmouseover" routine like this :
>> > 
>> > <a href="threetop.htm"onmouseover="window.status='Click here to learn more
>> > about the Threetops golf course';return true">
>> > 
>> > ...  it doesn't always take effect on the first load. For example, if I
>> > the document directly into Netscape 2.0 (from my hard disk), then the
>> > "onmouseover" links do not work. If, however, I simply hit the "back"
>> > and then go "forward" again, I get the desired effect.
>> > This happens not only with the "onmouseover" event handler, but with others
>> > as well.
>> > 
>> > I realize I'm probably missing something obvious.... could someone please
>> > clue me in? Thanks.
>> > 
>>In my Netscape 2.0 this example works fine in any situation ... 
>>What do you mean as ".."onmouseover" links do not work" ? 
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>Mark Richards
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Haven't tried this yet, but I have another problem like yours. I have a link
which is supposed to open a new window containing my resume. When you load
the page and click on the link, it reloads the current page (???). If you
click on it AGAIN, it does what it is
supposed to do and opens a new window with my resume. I don't know why. My
solution to the problem was to have the link instead
load another html document which opens a new window containing my resume and
then perform the history.go(-1) method.
Confused yet? Sorry. To see it, go to http://www.ids.net/~pmccarty/ and
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