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RE: Getting out....

Try this:

unsubscribe javascript NAME <email>

Check out the FAQ for more info



From: 	Glacier[SMTP:ach119@email.psu.edu]
Sent: 	Friday, February 16, 1996 8:47 AM
To: 	javascript@obscure.org
Subject: 	Getting out....

i have written every possible combination of unsubscribe messages to
majordomo@obscure.org, and each one tells me that i am not a member of the
mailing list.  i still get a mailbox full of letters every day, is there
something i am missing? ive tried:

unsubscribe "Adam Hegedus" <ach119@email.psu.edu>
unsubscribe "Adam C. Hegedus" <ach119@email.psu.edu>
unsubscribe  <ach119@email.psu.edu>
unsubscribe <ach119@psu.edu>

none of these will let me out.  any advice?

	Adam C. Hegedus
   	 502 Pinchot Hall
        University Park, Pa 16802
       Phone & Fax:814.862.6630
	   Home Page:

	  Isaiah 40:32