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Re: ftp upload

well, dale.... first you have to tell us what ftp program youre 
using... each one does it differently.... check your menu options... 
there should be somewhere that says something like "confirm file 
names" (at least on cute ftp 32 it does) deep in some menu somewhere... 
you want to check that so that each up load asks you to give a 
filename for the ftp directory... and it should allow many more 
characters than just the eight/three of the old dos

> Date:          Tue, 13 Feb 1996 06:32:22 -0600
> From:          Dale Smith <dsmith@i-link.net>
> To:            javascript@obscure.org
> Subject:       Re: ftp upload
> Reply-to:      javascript@obscure.org

> Does anyone know how to upload a file with a different name? For example 
> my ftp account requires the following format:
>   file.type.user.password
> Thanks,
> Dale
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