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Re: double quotes in JavaScript

At 02:20 PM 2/10/96 -0800, you wrote:
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>Hey y'all -
>Oftentimes when I load people's javascript pages, I get errors that seem to
>come from parsing pairs of double-quotes.  Zhangfans' "coloramor" page, for
>example, gives the error:
>	missing ( after argument list:
>	 "<A HREF="'cover.html'"TARGET='cover' onMouseOver='"
>	...........^
>along with various other messages that seem related to functions not being
>properly defined since the function that had this code in it didn't load.

I've never encountered this problem, either with my pages on my local
machine, my pages on the net, or other people's pages.  Since 2.0 final is
out, you might want to download it to see if the problem has been fixed.

-- Gordon