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double quotes in JavaScript

Hey y'all -

Oftentimes when I load people's javascript pages, I get errors that seem to
come from parsing pairs of double-quotes.  Zhangfans' "coloramor" page, for
example, gives the error:

	missing ( after argument list:

	 "<A HREF="'cover.html'"TARGET='cover' onMouseOver='"

along with various other messages that seem related to functions not being
properly defined since the function that had this code in it didn't load.

This problem is not constrained to this page: I get it on plenty of pages.
 However, I don't get it on ALL pages.  My internal pages don't get it.

Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?  I doubt it's a flaw in the pages
themselves; there can't be THAT many buggy pages out there.  I am using
Netscape Navigator 2.0b6a, and our site recieves http packets though a



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