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Re: Date Countdown Script?


The statement

        Date.parse(new Date(99, 11, 31, 23, 59, 59)) - Date.parse(new Date())

gives the number of milliseconds from now until end of century

Good luck

At 11:30 5/02/96 -5000, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>	I'm relatively new to both Javascript and this this. I am putting 
>together a page for our organization relating the year 2000 
>millenium issues. I'd like to add a counter to display the number of 
>years, months, days and weeks until January 1, 2000. Javascript seems 
>like a good choice for this, avoiding cgi. Before I go ahead and 
>"reinvent the wheel", is there a similar date manipulation script I 
>might use as a starting place? Thanks in advance.

Lourdes Yero
E-mail: lyero@dino.conicit.ve